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Acupuncture Healthcare
           on Hawai'i

Simple, gentle care for your physical & mental health.

Welcome to Gentle Tides Acupuncture. We are a full service healthcare practice providing medical care through the lens of Japanese acupuncture and traditional East Asian medicine. At Gentle Tides, our medicine is based on the premise that all bodies and minds are capable of being healthy and healing — 

We provide trauma-informed care to support your mental and physical health, treat illness and injury, encourage overall well-being, and help you live your life to the fullest.

 with the right support

Why Acupuncture?

As a comprehensive medical system, acupuncture is used to support the body and mind in healing from nearly any condition. Using a holistic, whole-person approach, your symptoms will not be treated in isolation. Instead, we deliver highly individualized care that addresses the root cause of your ailments and helps your body and mind learn how to heal and function at their very best.

By recognizing that mental and physical health are not distinct, acupuncture healthcare offers a uniquely powerful approach to health and healing, with the ability to deliver highly effective support for both physical & mental health conditions, encourage profound healing and produce long-lasting results.


Our Specialties

Gentle Japanese Acupuncture

  • We treat a broad array of healthcare conditions and support overall well-being with gentle acupuncture and specialized bodywork from the Kototama Inochi Medicine tradition 

Chronic Pain & Illness Relief

  • Treatment for acute & chronic pain, including arthritis, sports injuries, surgical recovery & migraines

  • Manage digestive conditions such as IBS & IBD; address nausea, reflux, and abdominal pain; and support healthy digestive function

  • Manage and treat a wide range of chronic illnesses, from diabetes & hypertension to allergies & asthma

Mental Health Acupuncture

  • Improve overall mental wellbeing & address a wide variety of mental health concerns

  • Grief & trauma support

  • Stress, anxiety & depression relief

Fatigue & Insomnia Treatment

  • Balance energy

  •  Address conditions causing fatigue, including CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, post-viral syndromes, and thyroid & autoimmune conditions

  • Treat insomnia, sleep apnea, & other sleep-related conditions

  • Improve sleep quality & develop healthy sleep patterns 

Women's Health

  • Holistic women's healthcare, from menstruation to menopause

  • Fertility support

  • Pregnancy & postpartum care

  • Sexual health & wellbeing

Hospice & Elder Care Support

  • Support healthy aging, address symptoms, and improve quality of life

  • Hospice care support

  • Alzheimer’s disease & dementia care support

  • Home healthcare visits 

Why Gentle Tides?

IMG_3702 2_edited.jpg

We practice a unique style of Japanese acupuncture that is gentle and effective in its capacity to nourish the body, resource the mind, and engage your natural healing processes. 

We emphasize a whole-person approach to healthcare that promotes your innate capacity to heal & empowers you in achieving your health goals. 

We prioritize the integrative treatment of physical & mental health to help you heal and feel your very best.

Our Pledge:

 We believe healthcare should be affordable for everyone. We will work together with you to provide healthcare you can afford through sliding scale options and paperwork necessary for insurance reimbursements. 

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